Vaccines, Flea Prevention, & Heartworm Prevention

We offer many types of vaccines. Our routine vaccines include Bordetella, distemper, and rabies, as well as heartworm and fecal testing. Vaccines should be given once yearly. We recommend Bordetella and fecal every six months if your pet is exposed to travel, frequent boarding, or animal parks.

Heartworm tests are needed to obtain heartworm prevention, and are performed yearly unless the pet has been off heartworm prevention for more than four months. We offer a variety of heartworm preventive options. In Florida, fleas and ticks are prevalent, so we offer a variety of choices, including Comfortis™, Advantage™, and Frontline™.


Microchips are a great way to help your pet find the way home. We use 24 Petwatch microchips. We take care of the implanting, as well as the registration of the chip to your animal and home. A microchip can be implanted safely and easily under your pet's skin. If your pet becomes lost or stolen, they can be quickly identified and returned to you if found.

This national program assists and enables veterinarians, SPCAs™, humane societies™, and other animal organizations that possess microchip scanners to keep better track of the animals.

Natural Alternatives

People today are more aware of how important nutrition is to their health, as well as it is for their pet. We carry and sell human vitamin and mineral supplements at wholesale prices as an economical and better quality option for your pet. These products are mainly used for arthritis and skin disorders, and are a safer alternative to other medications.
Omega 369™ is an essential fatty acid for helping your pet's flaky, dry skin. Glucosamine/Chondroitin™ is primarily used for arthritis. We also have melatonin to help dogs who are highly anxious.

Special Procedures

During the week, we schedule appointments, and perform surgeries, and dental procedures. Award-winning smiles are nice, but clean teeth and gums are more important to overall pet health. Inflamed and diseased gums can shorten a pet's life expectancy.

All dental and surgical procedures are performed using the safest anesthetics available. Your pet will come home to you healthier and happier, and certainly with fresher breath.

Animal Care & Client Education

Most people consider their pet to be a family member. They would like the best care for their loved one and will seek a doctor whom they can trust. Our veterinarian will explain problems to you clinically and in layman's terms so that you know the options and alternatives that are available.

We at Curlew Animal Hospital feel that an educated client is one who can make responsible decisions for his or her pet. Our staff is dedicated to providing loving treatments to pets in their time of need. Our doctor is well trained to diagnose and treat conditions afflicting your dog or cat, in addition to helping you understand what actions are necessary to prevent and treat medical problems. Thank you for trusting us to care for your family member.